Chess Clubs in Missouri

Chess Clubs in Missouri

Chess has a long history in Missouri. Some of the early chess clubs in Missouri include the St. Louis Chess Club, the Kansas City Chess Club, and the Missouri Chess Association.

The St. Louis Chess Club, founded in 1857, is one of the oldest chess clubs in Missouri. It holds regular meetings and tournaments for its members.

Throughout the history, these clubs and many other chess clubs, organizations and schools in Missouri played a significant role in promoting chess in the state and providing opportunities for players to improve their skills and compete. Missouri also hosted many local and regional tournaments, and Missouri chess players have represented the state in national and international competitions. Additionally, Missouri produced many notable players such as GM Ben Finegold and IM John Donaldson.

Missouri Chess Association in Pacific, MO

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Westport Chess Club of Kansas City in Kansas City, MO

Chess Club and Scholastic Center in Sant Louis, MO

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