The Scottish Jacobite Chess Set

The Scottish Jacobite Chess Set

Named after the Jacobite movement

The Scottish Jacobite Chess Set dates back to the late 17th century and is named after the Jacobite movement, which aimed to restore the Stuart dynasty to the British throne. During this time, Scotland was deeply divided over political and religious issues, and the Jacobite cause was a symbol of national pride and resistance against English rule. This chess set is a perfect representation of Scotland’s rich cultural heritage and its political struggles.

Showcasing Scottish life and culture

Each piece is beautifully crafted and depicts a different aspect of Scottish life and culture. The chess pieces are made from a variety of materials, including ivory, bone, and pewter, and each one has a unique appearance that reflects the style and fashion of the time.

The queen piece is depicted as a lady-in-waiting instead of the more commonly used queen figure. The rooks are depicted as castles instead of the traditional towers, and the pawns are represented by highlanders, highlighting the connection between the Jacobite movement and Scotland’s proud history and heritage.