Bukhuti Gurgenidze Chess Study

Bukhuti Gurgenidze was a Georgian chess player, author and coach who made significant contributions to the study of chess during the 20th century. Born in 1913, he was known for his innovative approach to chess strategy and tactics which emphasized the need for adaptability in the game.

One of Gurgenidze’s most distinguished tactics was the use of the “waiting pawn.” In many situations, Gurgenidze would advance a pawn to a square where it couldn’t be immediately attacked, but could be used later in the game as a powerful attacking weapon. This tactic allowed him to gain space and control on the board while also creating threats and pressuring his opponent.

Additionally, Gurgenidze’s teachings on chess education emphasized the importance of psychological factors in the game, such as focus, critical thinking, and adaptability. He believed that these mental skills were just as crucial as chess knowledge and skill in achieving success in the game.

Gurgenidze’s emphasis on adaptability, and his innovative use of the waiting pawn have had a lasting impact on the game of chess. His ideas on chess psychology continue to be valuable resources for players looking to improve their mental approach to the game.

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