Hermanis Mattison Chess Study

Hermanis Mattison was a Latvian chess player and coach who made notable contributions to the study of chess during the early 20th century. Born in 1894, he is known for his expertise in the endgame and his emphasis on the importance of accurate calculation.

One tactic Mattison frequently employed was the use of “waiting moves”. He believed that in certain positions, it is more advantageous to wait for the opponent to make a move instead of making an active move yourself. By waiting, you can better evaluate the position, gain more insight into your opponent’s plan, and make a more calculated move. This can be a powerful tool in gaining a decisive advantage, particularly in the endgame.

Mattison’s approach to endgame study was revolutionary for its time, providing a systematic and comprehensive method of understanding the endgame. He emphasized the principles of king activity, pawn structure, and piece coordination, as well as the importance of practical training and studying model endgames.

Mattison’s impact on chess education remains to this day, with his ideas on accurate calculation and the use of waiting moves still studied and implemented by many players.

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