Anti-Sicilians: A Guide for Black by Dorian Rogozenko


The Sicilian is the most popular chess opening as it allows Black to play offensively without taking excessive risks. Many players avoid it due to its reputation and theoretical preparation required, preferring Anti-Sicilian systems such as positionally motivated, slow but tricky attacking, and aggressive ideas, but Dorian Rogozenko’s book offers Black strategies to counter all these lines.

The Sicilian is a highly popular chess opening among players of all levels. It allows Black to go on the offensive while avoiding excessive risk. However, due to its intimidating reputation and the level of theoretical preparation required to face it, many players opt for Anti-Sicilian systems. These include positionally motivated lines like the 2 c3 Sicilian and 3 Bb5 systems, as well as attacking lines such as the Closed Sicilian and King’s Indian Attack. This book by Dorian Rogozenko provides Black with the tools to counter all of these lines, offering both solid and aggressive options in critical variations. Rogozenko is a grandmaster and recognized expert on opening theory, making this book a valuable resource for any chess player.


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