Black Weapons in the Open Games by Victor Bologan


Victor Bologan’s book offers a well-organized and playable set of responses to cover all relevant lines when playing the Ruy Lopez with Black. It presents two different options against every main line, making it a unique and useful instrument for chess players of all levels.

Get ready to play the Ruy Lopez with Black and learn how to counter White’s moves with Victor Bologan’s book. This guide covers all relevant lines with two options presented against each main line – a common sense approach and an aggressive weapon. Bologan’s book offers a wealth of new ideas, a Fast Lane repertoire in every chapter, and a special strategy section that defines important themes. Discover historical lines and gambits, move-order subtleties, traps, and tricks, with many examples from Bologan’s own games. With 2200 game references, this book is a unique instrument of chess instruction suitable for players of almost every level.


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