Bologan’s King’s Indian by Victor Bologan


The King’s Indian Defence is a highly popular and exciting way for black to attack their opponent’s king early in the game, and has been used by legendary players such as Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov. In his book, Grandmaster Victor Bologan presents a comprehensive King’s Indian repertoire for black, including multiple options for handling different lines, accessible explanations for players of all levels, and new ideas and resources discovered through his research, making it a valuable resource for both black and white players.

This dynamic opening is a favorite at club level, allowing black to launch an early attack on their opponent’s king. Chess Grandmaster Victor Bologan shares his extensive knowledge and presents a comprehensive King’s Indian repertoire for black players. Bologan’s lucid explanations and playable responses include strategic and tactical motifs, and he even offers two options to handle some lines. White players will also benefit from Bologan’s insights, making this book an excellent resource for all players. Unleash the full potential of the King’s Indian Defence and dominate your next tournament with confidence.


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