How to Reassess Your Chess by Jeremy Silman


Written by renowned chess teacher and author Jeremy Silman, the book covers advanced strategies and practical chess psychology, and features hundreds of instruction-rich games and stories to illustrate all topics. Designed for players in the 1400 to 2100 rating range, the fourth edition of the book is a modern classic that offers invaluable knowledge and insight to anyone looking to improve their chess skills.

In this modern classic, International Master Jeremy Silman breaks down how to analyze a position, identify its parts, and make moves that fit the situation. By presenting the thought processes of a master player, Silman offers a clear and logical approach to advanced strategies. The 4th edition of the book features all new examples and takes Silman’s groundbreaking concept of imbalances to a whole new level, making it an invaluable resource for players in the 1400 to 2100 rating range and teachers looking for a ready-made chess curriculum. The book also includes practical chess psychology advice and techniques, hundreds of games, and personal stories that make learning fun.


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