Husaria Wooden Three-Player Chess: Foldable Board with Handcrafted Pieces


Hexagonal foldable chessboard with handcrafted chess pieces made in Poland. Three-Player Chess set made from beech and birch.

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The Husaria Wooden Three-Player Chess set includes a hexagonal foldable chessboard and handcrafted chess pieces, all made with an attention to detail and craftsmanship. The chessboard is made from beech and birch and decorated with traditional pyrography patterns, and measures 12.72 x 0.87 x 10.87 inches when open. The chess pieces are made from hornbeam and beech and are individually handcrafted, with the king measuring 1.97 inches, the queen measuring 1.57 inches, and the pawns measuring 1.26 inches. The chessboard has three felt-lined compartments to store the chessmen, and decorative metal clasps keep the board securely locked after play. The entire set weighs 0.49lbs and includes playing instructions. This beautiful and portable set is handcrafted in Poland and is perfect for chess enthusiasts who appreciate quality and tradition.


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