My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer


Reissued to celebrate Bobby Fischer, one of the greatest chess geniuses of all time, an indispensable chess book that features 60 of Fischer’s games. The book provides a detailed analysis of Fischer’s thoughts, strategies, and tactical justifications, including simple positional plays and awe-inspiring combinations, making it an essential resource for chess enthusiasts, competitors, and professionals.

Bobby Fischer, an American-born chess grandmaster, gained worldwide recognition as a teenager for his extraordinary chess skills. He defeated the Russian Boris Spassky in a thrilling match in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1972, at the height of the Cold War, which generated worldwide media interest. Fischer’s influence on the game of chess remains strong today, and one of the most significant chess books ever written, provides a fascinating insight into his mind, taking the reader through 60 of his games with lucid commentary that makes every move and idea accessible and understandable.


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