The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played by Irving Chernev


Expertly annotated chess games that provide classic examples of fundamental problems and their best solutions. With lively commentary from Irving Chernev, readers will learn from the strategies and techniques employed by chess masters including Capablanca, Fischer, and Lasker to control the board and win in the most beautiful ways possible.

From classic examples of powerful Rook positioning to the art of handling Rook and Pawn endings, players of all skill levels will benefit from Chernev’s clear diagrams and insightful commentary on games played by masters including Fischer, Alekhine, and Lasker. Discover 62 expert demonstrations of fundamental chess strategies in this must-read collection compiled by respected chess writer Irving Chernev. Immerse yourself in the finesse of winning play and take your own technique to the next level with “The Most Beautiful Games of Chess Ever Played.”


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