Chess Clubs in Oregon

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Chess has a long history in Oregon, with the first known chess club in the state being founded in Portland in 1887. Other early chess clubs in Oregon include the Salem Chess Club, founded in 1890, and the Eugene Chess Club, founded in 1896.

In the 20th century, Oregon produced several notable chess champions, including Herman Steiner, who won the Oregon State Chess Championship in 1927 and held the title of Pacific Northwest Chess Champion in the 1940s. Another notable Oregon chess champion is Nick DeFirmian, who won the Oregon Chess Championship in 1975, 1976, and 1977.

In recent years, Oregon has been home to several successful chess programs and clubs, including the Portland Chess Club, the Salem Chess Club, the Eugene Chess Club, and the Oregon Chess Federation, which continue to promote the game and support local chess players. Additionally, the annual Oregon Open is a well-known tournament in the region.

Oregon Chess Federation in Eugene, OR

Central Oregon Chess Club in Bend, OR

Eugene Chess Club in Eugene, OR

Southside Chess in Eugene, OR

Orenco Learning Chess Club in Hillsboro, OR

Portland Chess Club in Portland, OR

Rose City Chess in Portland, OR