Chess Variants

Learn innovative twists on traditional game of chess that add a new dimension to the game.

What is Fairy Chess?

Circe Chess Capablanca Chess Makruk Chess Knightmate Chess Bughouse Chess Chess960 Losers Chess Atomic Chess Three-check Chess Fairy chess, also known as unorthodox chess, is a term used to describe chess variants that deviate from the standard rules of chess. These variations can include changes to the chessboard, the chess pieces, or the way they move. Fairy chess provides an opportunity for chess enthusiasts to explore new and creative ways to play the game, and offers a refreshing change of pace from the traditional chess.

What is Three-Check Chess?

Three-Check Shatranj How to play Three-Check Chess? Key Strategies in Three-Check Chess Three-Check Shatranj Three-Check Chess, also known as Three-Check Shatranj, is a chess variant that is played with the goal of giving check to the opponent’s king three times, rather than the traditional goal of checkmating the opponent’s king. It is a fast-paced and exciting variation that adds a new level of strategy to the classic game of chess.

What is Atomic Chess?

What is Atomic chess? What is Atomic chess? Atomic chess is a variant of the game of chess that is characterized by the ability to capture an opponent’s pieces by exploding them. The game is named after the concept of atomic explosions and is intended to add an element of excitement and risk to the traditional game of chess. The rules of atomic chess are similar to those of traditional chess, with a few key differences.

What is Losers Chess?

What is Giveaway Chess? How to play Loser’s Chess? What is Giveaway Chess? Losers Chess, also known as Giveaway Chess, is a chess variant where the objective is to lose all of one’s pieces rather than to checkmate the opponent’s king. The game is played under standard chess rules, with the exception that capturing a piece is not mandatory and a player can choose to let their opponent capture their own pieces.

What is Chess960 aka Fischer Random Chess?

What is Fischer Random Chess? How to play Chess960? What is Fischer Random Chess? Fischer Random Chess, also known as Chess960, is a variant of chess that was invented by former World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer in 1996. The main difference between Fischer Random Chess and traditional chess is the starting position of the pieces. Instead of the standard starting position, the pieces are placed in random positions on the back row, with the following restrictions: the bishops must be placed on opposite-colored squares, the king must be placed between the two rooks, and the knights must be placed next to the bishops.