Chess Clubs in Virginia

Chess Clubs in Virginia

Chess in Virginia has a long history, with the first chess clubs being established in the late 19th century. One of the earliest known chess clubs in Virginia was the Richmond Chess Club, which was founded in 1884.

In the post-war period, Virginia continued to produce strong chess players, with notable champions such as Grandmaster Walter Browne, who was born in Sydney, Australia but later immigrated to the United States and lived in Virginia. He was six time U.S. Champion and also represented the US in multiple Chess Olympiads.

Virginia Chess Federation in Richmond, VA

Arlington Chess Club in Arlington, VA

Aisteam Academy in Ashburn, VA

Magnus Chess Academy in Fairfax, VA

Planet Chess Club in Houston, VA

Roanoke Valley Chess Club in Roanoke, VA

DMV Chess Club in Vienna, VA

Hampton Roads Chess Association in Virginia Beach, VA