What is Three-Check Chess?

What is Three-Check Chess?

Three-Check Shatranj

Three-Check Chess, also known as Three-Check Shatranj, is a chess variant that is played with the goal of giving check to the opponent’s king three times, rather than the traditional goal of checkmating the opponent’s king. It is a fast-paced and exciting variation that adds a new level of strategy to the classic game of chess.

How to play Three-Check Chess?

To play Three-Check Chess, the setup is the same as traditional chess. The pieces are placed on the board in the standard positions and the players decide who will move first. The game is played with the standard chess rules, with the exception that a player wins the game by giving check to the opponent’s king three times. A player can also win by checkmating the opponent’s king, but this is considered a secondary goal.

Key Strategies in Three-Check Chess